Influence of the angular momentum in problems continuum mechanics

Evelina Prozorova

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-For continuum mechanics a model is proposed, that is built with consideration outside the integral term when deriving conservation laws using the Ostrogradsky-Gauss theorem. Performed analysis shows discrepancy between accepted classical conservation laws and classical theoretical mechanics and mathematics. As a result, the theory developed for potential flows was extended to flows with significant gradients of physical parameters. We have proposed a model that takes into account the joint implementation of the laws for balance of forces and angular momentums. It does not follow from the Boltzmann equation that the pressure in the Euler and Navier-Stokes equations is equal to one third of the sum the pressures on the corresponding coordinate axes. The vector definition of pressure is substantiated. It is shown that the symmetry condition for the stress tensor is one of the possible conditions for closing the problem. An example of solving the problem of the theory of elasticity is given.

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ЖурналWSEAS Transactions on Applied and Theoretical Mechanics
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