Inequalities in Eligibility for Social Care: An International Context

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The issue of eligibility in social care systems has been the subject of extensive scholarly debate, particularly with reference to advanced industrialized countries and their welfare regimes. Our main research question was to consider how eligibility for social services is regarded in three countries (the UK, Finland and Russia) and whether experts and authorities in these countries share similar notions when discussing the concept and criteria of eligibility. Eligibility issues are of interest as they can clearly highlight differences in varying regimes of social welfare. While the social-democratic regime is built on the basis of maximum eligibility for social services, the neoliberal regime is based on addressing the demand for social services. Different actors are interested in different schemes of eligibility. On the one hand, citizens are interested in broader eligibility. On the other hand, business seeks to reduce the tax burden as much as possible. The state stands between these two powerful actors a
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