Industrial and innovation clusters: Development in Russia

Anastasia A. Sozinova, Olga I. Okhrimenko, Ludmila V. Goloshchapova, Eugeny P. Kolpak, Natalia B. Golovanova, Evgeny A. Tikhomirov

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The basis for the successful development of industrial-innovation clusters is a symbiosis of cooperation and competition, taking into account the positive synergy effects of territorial agglomeration. Sustainable partnership interrelated business entities may have potential that exceeds the simple sum of their capacities. The increase in capacity is the result of cooperation and effective use of capacities of partners in the long period. Due to the competition between participants of industrial-innovative cluster system as a whole is optimized, and through the exchange of information, experts, technology is the process of development of the system, including, the flow of financial resources to the sector that is most needed for the development of the cluster. The main advantages of regional economic systems, organized according to the scheme of the cluster. First of all, note that the cluster approach gives the authorities the tools for effective interaction with business. The representatives of the administration in the work of the coordinating Council of the cluster enables the authorities to directly influence the adoption of organizational and economic decisions in the cluster, acting as an equal partner. The cluster allows to identify the problems and strengths of a sector of the economy. Coordinating Council (representation) of the cluster has credible information of activity of the enterprises. The formation of the cluster leads to increase of efficiency of activity of small enterprises.

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ЖурналInternational Journal of Applied Business and Economic Research
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