[Immunogenicity of influenza virus H5N2 vaccine strain samples produced by roller cultivation in media with plant derived components].

N. A. Mazurkova, I. A. Desheva, L. N. Shishkina, E. A. Stavskiǐ, L. G. Rudenko

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Study in CBA line mice of immunogenicity of cold adapted reassortant influenza virus H5N2 vaccine strain samples produced in rollers in MDCK and Vero cell cultures by using plant derived components. Antibody levels in blood sera and nasal swabs, lungs and small intestine of experimental vaccine strain sample immunized mice were evaluated by using HI reaction in accordance with WHO recommendations. Reassortant vaccine strain A/17/duck/Potsdam/86/92 (H5N2) produced in MDCK and Vero cells by using plant derived components (rice and soy flour hydrolyzate and plant protease based nutrient medium) after intranasal immunization of mice induced local and humoral antibodies, and the latter not only against homologous virus, but also against highly pathogenic avian influenza virus strains A/ Chicken/Suzdalka/Nov-11/2005 and A/Chicken/Kurgan/05/2005. Immunogenicity studies of reassortant influenza virus A/17/duck/Potsdam/86/92 (H5N2) vaccine strain samples cultivated in MDCK and Vero cells by using media with plant derived components in mice show high levels of humoral and secretory immunity.

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