HEuristic potential of Ya.A. Ponomarev's conception

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© 2015 r.The article is devoted to the problem that attracts interest of the modern psychologists viz to the problem of "intuitive" or "implicit" knowledge. The influence of Ya.A. Ponomarev's approach on researches of St. Petersburg's school of cognitive psychology is revealed and propositions of his conception are examined through the prism of modern experimental data. Propositions that integrate the authors' approach with Ya.A. Ponomarev's ideas about the nature of creative process are formulated. The role of implicit knowledge, irrelevant regularities and emotional signal "the task is solved" in creative tasks' solving is analyzed. The development of some ideas of Ya.A. Ponomarev's conception is done as well. In particular, the possibility of unconscious finding of solution to problem that will influence on current cognitive activity is discussed. The complexity of conversion of this unconscious solution to consciousness because of after-effect of negative choice is discussed. The advanced ideas are confir
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