Ground-Based Measurements of Total Ozone Content by the Infrared Method

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To interpret the ground-based measurements of the spectra of direct solar infrared radiation with the help of a Brucker Fourier-spectrometer, a technique for determining the total ozone content (TOC) was developed and implemented. The TOC was determined using six spectral intervals of an ozone-absorption band of 9.6 m and the shortwave panel of a carbon-dioxide-absorption band of 15 m, where the impact of other atmospheric parameters on the measured solar radiation was reduced to a minimum. The potential errors of the infrared method for determining the TOC for the chosen spectral scheme with the influence of measurement errors and vertical profiles of temperature are less than 1% for different signal-to-noise ratios and zenith angles of the sun. We analyzed 269 high-resolution (0.005–0.008 cm–1) spectra of solar infrared radiation measured in Peterhof over 52 days from March to November, 2009. The resulting values of TOC were compared with the results of independent ground-based TOC measurements in
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