Geoinformation support of hydrological research in the arctic on the example of geoinformation resources development

K. Tabidze, I. Fedorova, I. Sidorina, A. Volynets, E. Shestakova

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During the course of comprehensive studies of the aquatic ecosystems of the Arctic region, a significant amount of material has been accumulated in different research directions. For a versatile study of this area, constant monitoring and geo-information support is necessary. In addition to developing and updating databases and maps, geo-information resources could be created. These are web services that provide access to spatial data, their processing, analysis, search and visualization. This article discusses the experience of creating an online resource that provides access to the results of Arctic research in various scientific fields. The work is carried out as a part of the Russian project of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research 18-05-60291 "The adaptation of the Arctic lake systems to rapid climate change." This resource contains general characteristics of research directions, thematic maps, a database of field observations, etc. This information may be useful for all researchers whose interests include studying the ecology of the water objects of the coastal Arctic region.

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