Geo-ecological characteristics of Kronstadt and assessment of its territory pollution by heavy metals

V. V. Kurilenko, N. G. Osmolovskaya, D. A. Maksimova, L. N. Kuchaeva

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The current ecogeological state in Kronstadt and the adjacent territories is studied. It is shown that due to increasing negative impact of polluting chemical substances the environmental hazard for humans is increased. It is established that the main negative phenomenon is largely due to the structural and functional transformation of biogeochemical processes within the environment and their impact on abiotic (rocks, soils, sediments, water) and biotic (plants, animals, humans) components. Kronstadt with adjacent territories, as a modern urban and industrial agglomeration, defines the problem of intensive technogenic geochemical and biogeochemical impacts on all components of the environment, resulting in pollution of the air basin, soils, water and vegetation of chemicals, posing a serious danger to human health and livelihoods of the biota. It is shown that among the pollutants in the urban environment such heavy metals like Pb, Zn, Cu, Cr are dominating as well as other pollutants, their concentrations in some cases exceed the maximal permissible levels. The article establishes the functional role of vegetation in the polluted urban territories and its activity in extraction and transport of individual heavy metals in soil-plant system. In physical, social, and health aspects this problem is becoming increasingly important and requires an assessment of the state of natural ecosystems, as well as the assessment of negative impact of disturbances in the environment on people's health. The article also focuses on the development of scientifically-methodical recommendations for remediation of urbanized territories through the use of biological methods, phytoremediation in particular. Refs 20. Figs 7. Tables 3.

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ЖурналVestnik Sankt-Peterburgskogo Universiteta, Seriya Geologiya i Geografiya
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