Geo-branding as a tool for realizing russia’s interests in the international arena

Victory Pogodina, Sofia Yakovleva, Anna Matveevskaya, Vladimir Evseev

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In the modern world, the image of the state is the basic element of its strategic capital. It affects all aspects of the functioning of state as a subject of international relations and as an economic player in the system of global competition. On the experience of many countries of the world it becomes clear that the technology of territorial branding is the leading communicative technology aimed at promoting national interests today. The essence of branding lies in the formation and promotion of the country’s brand as a specific intangible asset that identifies the country, making it recognizable. These tools are necessary because of the interest of the state and business structures in attracting tourists, students, and investments to country. Competition is increasing every year in this area in the international arena. In this article, branding technologies of state promotion in the “international market” are presented. In this regard, the experience of Russian Federation is interesting, as a state that has extensively expanded in recent years to create and develop a national brand, as well as a state seeking to change the perception of tourist destinations within the country by its own citizens. The purpose of this research is to assess the role of tourism sector in forming the image and prestige of country, enhancing state’s reputation, and influencing business community’s perception of use geo-branding as a technology to attract attention to its territory.

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