Focus Siberian Permafrost – Terrestrial Cryosphere and Climate Change International Online Symposium Institute of Soil Science, Universität Hamburg 24 – 25 March 2021

E.M. Pfeiffer , O.L. Vybornova, I.V. Fedorova , C. Knoblauch, L. Tsibizov, C. Beer

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The proceedings at hand comprise all actualized abstracts which have been submitted to the
online symposium, and cover a broad variety of research from microbial processes to soil-
vegetation-interaction in different permafrost-affected landscapes to the complex impact of
climate change in Siberia. The BMBF funded German-Russian-project “Carbon in Permafrost”
(KoPf) is included in this symposium and will provide a major contribution to answer open
questions of permafrost research. “Focus Siberian Permafrost” will discuss broader topics like
carbon transformation and greenhouse gas release, aggregation and degradation of permafrost
landscapes, past cold ecosystem dynamics, recent biogeochemical dynamics in frozen ground
and future changes on permafrost ecosystems.
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ЖурналDie Berichte zur Polar- und Meeresforschung
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