Filter-Based Differential Hygroscopicity Analyzer of Aerosol Particles

E. F. Mikhailov, V. V. Merkulov, S. S. Vlasenko, T. I. Ryshkevich, U. J. Pöschl

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We describe a new differential analyzer implementing a technique for studying the hygroscopic properties of filter-precipitated aerosol particles based on a katharometric measurement of the amount of water vapor absorbed by an aerosol sample. The instrument has been tested on particles of sodium chloride and ammonium sulphate. A comparison of our data with the results of analogous measurements described in liter- ature shows that the suggested technique has several important advantages, i.e., (1) higher sensitivity, which allows the measurement of particles of no more than 0.1 mg in mass; (2) a wide range of relative humidity vari- ations (up to 99% at an accuracy of 0.06% RH at the upper-range value); (3) the absence of intermediate mea- surement steps connected with the need to account for water absorption by elements of a measurement system; and (4) the absence of restrictions to the size and shape of particles studied. In addition, the measurement tech- nique rules out the possibility of errors caused by
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