Field Emission from p‐Type Si

G. N. Fursey, N. V. Egorov

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The nonlinear field emission behaviour in dependence on temperature and light intensity was studied in p‐type silicon crystals, whose surfaces were prepared by high‐field evaporation in vacuo. The voltage drop along the emitter measured by the retarding potential technique and the size of the emission pattern were determined for every point of the Fowler‐Nordheim plot. The curvature of the current—voltage curves for Si has more distinct character than it was observed earlier for Ge. The region of “absolute field emission saturation”, which extends over a wide range of applied voltage variation was found in the Fowler‐Nordheim plots. The emission current—voltage behaviour appreciably depends on sample history and especially on temperature treatments. Sample heating to 400 to 450 °C during bake‐out fully distorts the field emission data in Si. Light and temperature produce the same effect on the field emission current.

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