Factors of Spatial and Temporal Variability of Siberian Larch Growth in the Mountain Regions of Altai, Tuva, and Mongolia

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The dynamics of radial wood increments have been analyzed according to the three tree-ring chronologies ALT (1463-2017), TUV (1715-2012), and MON (1663-2017) obtained for the southern regions of the Altai Mountains, southwestern regions of Tuva, and northern regions of Mongolian Altai, respectively. Chronologies demonstrate similar annual and long-term temporal variability. Cyclic changes in wood growth with periods of 10-14 and 29-33 years have been revealed. The limiting factor of growth is the air temperature in June-July (r > 0.7). At the same time, the chronologies are sensitive to the variation in circulatory, hydrological and glaciological parameters.

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