Eye Movements in Reading the Texts of Different Functional Styles: Evidence from Russian

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This study is one of the first eye-tracking experiment on Russian language material, checking out if the functional text style is among the readability categories and if it influences the effect of reading perspective. In Experiment participants (30 native speakers of Russian) read three texts on different topics each written in a different functional style. Questionnaires and retelling the texts were additionally used to collect data on text comprehension and accessibility. We suggest that the following eye-tracking data can be informative when we need to evaluate text readability: amplitude of saccades, number of regressions, fixation duration while searching for an answer in the text. The results indicate that the text on the same topic is easier read if it is written in a publicistic style than in a scientific style. There were no significant differences in eye-tracking data between texts written in publicistic style and colloquial style.
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