Extracurricular work in modern vocational education under the programs of development, socialization and students’ health preservation

Maria S. Baynova, Ekaterina A. Vetrova, Elena E. Kabanova, Polina V. Palehova, Alexander V. Petrov

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The formation of a sociocultural educational environment, as well as the creation of the conditions required for socialization and comprehensive development of an individual, are the urgent tasks for a modern academic institution. Extracurricular work, as a complex activity aimed at training of a specialist, the development of his creative and research abilities and social qualities, provides the irreplaceable help. The organization of extracurricular work is considered as a process of student’s personality formation. In 2017-2018, the extracurricular activities took place at the Moscow Banking College of the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation in the main fields of the “Program for the Development and Socialization of a Person, Students’ Health Preservation”. Eighty-three first-year students participated in two stages of the study. The following methods were used: the projective technique “Non-existent animal” (M.Z. Dukarevich); Buss-Durkee questionnaire for aggression identification. The scales of these methods were applied to evaluate the results of socialization of the students participating in extracurricular activities. The Program implementation results showed a significant decrease in students' anxiety and aggressiveness indicators. The data obtained showed that the implemented Program contributed to the activation of the process of personal development and socialization of students, their health improvement. The implementation of extracurricular and educational work has a positive result in the social environment, which, being formed in an educational institution, creates the conditions for self-development and personality development, forms the basis for life self-determination, responsible behavior and healthy lifestyle skills for students.

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