Extraction of Long-Lived Radionuclides from High-Level Alkaline Waste with p-Alkylcalix[8]arene

N. M. Ivenskaya, M. V. Logunov, I. V. Smirnov

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p-Alkylcalix[8]arene containing six tert-butyl and two isononyl groups on the upper rim of the macrocycle was suggested for extraction recovery of long-lived β- and α-emitting nuclides from high-level alkaline waste. The influence of the compositions of the organic and aqueous phases on the extraction efficiency was examined. After four contacts of the extractant solution with the real high-level alkaline solution, the activity of the major dose-producing radionuclide, 137Cs, decreases by two orders of magnitude, and that of α-emitting radionuclides, by a factor of 3.5–40 depending on the initial solution pretreatment. The degree of stripping of the radionuclides after the first contact of the loaded organic phase with the acid exceeds 99%. p-Alkylcalix[8]arenes show promise for treatment of high-level alkaline waste at the Mayak Production Association.

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