Expression and Inheritance of a desynaptic phenotype with impaired homologous synapsis in rye

S. P. Sosnikhina, E. I. Mikhailova, O. A. Tikholiz, N. V. Tsvetkova, A. V. Lovtsyus, O. S. Sapronova, Yu S. Fedotova, O. L. Kolomiets, Yu F. Bogdanov

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The cytological phenotype was studied in a desynaptic form isolated from a population of rye cultivar Vyatka. The primary defect of desynaptic plants was identified as nonhomologous (heterologous) chromosome synapsis, which was observed by electron microscopy of synaptonemal complexes (SCs) in meiotic prophase I. Synapsis defects involved switches of synapsing axial elements to nonhomologous partners, asynapsis in the switching region, and foldbacks formed by the SC lateral elements. Defective bivalent formation was observed at later stages: the univalent number varied and multivalent chromosome associations were observed in single cells in metaphase I. The desynaptic phenotype was controlled by two recessive genes, sy8a and sy8b, which acted and were inherited independently. In a hybrid combination with line Ku-2/63, the desynaptic phenotype was suppressed by the dominant allele of a third gene for inhibitor I; the segregation in hybrid families corresponded to 57:7.

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ЖурналRussian Journal of Genetics
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