Exponential Decay in Quantum Mechanics.

V. Kruglov, K.A. Makarov, B. Pavlov, A. Yafyasov

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First of all: disregard all of so called “preliminary physical expectations”, because all these expectations are just a pseudonym for prejudices elaborated by the older generation. These words belong to Dirac, not to me. The right way of creating new physics is different: one should begin with a beautiful mathematical idea. But it should be really beautiful! No special relations to physics is compulsory. But if it is really beautiful, it will certainly match useful physical applications, though it is not predefined, what sort of applications and where: it depends on physical consequenceswhich may be extracted from the mathematical scheme.
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Название основной публикацииComputations, physics and beyond
ИздательSpringer Nature
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