Evolution of nonparametric surfaces with speed depending on curvature II. The mean curvature case

Vladimir I. Oliker, Nina N. Uraltseva

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We consider an evolution which starts as a flow of smooth surfaces in nonparametric form propagating in space with normal speed equal to the mean curvature of the current surface. The boundaries of the surfaces are assumed to remain fixed. G. Huisken has shown that if the boundary of the domain over which this flow is considered satisfies the “mean curvature” condition of H. Jenkins and J. Serrin (that is, the boundary of the domain is convex “in the mean”) then the corresponding initial boundary value problem with Dirichlet boundary data and smooth initial data admits a smooth solution for all time. In this paper we consider the case of arbitrary domains with smooth boundaries not necessarily satisfying the condition of Jenkins‐Serrin. In this case, even if the flow starts with smooth initial data and homogeneous Dirichlet boundary data, singularities may develop in finite time at the boundary of the domain and the solution will not satisfy the boundary condition. We prove, however, existence of solutions that are smooth inside the domain for all time and become smooth up to the boundary after elapsing of a sufficiently long period of time. From that moment on such solutions assume the boundary values in the classical sense. We also give sufficient conditions that guarantee the existence of classical solutions for all time t ≧ 0. In addition, we establish estimates of the rate at which solutions tend to zero as t → ∞.

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ЖурналCommunications on Pure and Applied Mathematics
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