European Metropolis In Context Of Globalization And Localization Of Modern Political Processes

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Due to expansion of urbanization and migration in Europe, ethnic and political processes have become aggravated, and metropolises have become a central place for localization of intercultural contacts. European cities are transformed into the object of realization of multiculturalism, development and maintenance of ethnic and cultural diversity and tolerance. Metropolises reflect simultaneous trends towards globalization and localization. Due to the deepening of processes of globalization, the role of localities and cultures is increasing. This article poses the question: what is the place of European metropolis in the modern world? What role does it play in global and local processes?

Modern cities present zones of global risk. They suffer from increasing socio-economic vulnerability due to increasing poverty, ethnic conflicts and terrorism. The modern European metropolis is in search of ways to coordinate cultures and values of various civilizations. This research reflects the role of metropolis in implementation of multiculturalism policy and offers international and European cultural integration programs for consideration. Mechanisms for involving ethnic communities in social life are created in metropolises at the local level, and interests of communities are taken into account. European political institutions are creating action programs to implement these mechanisms. The policy of multiculturalism in the metropolis is reflected in searching ways to coordinate cultures and values of different civilizations. The basic principle here is creation of the system of coexistence of cultures, a system of "inclusion" of everyone in public, political and socio-economic life. (C) 2019 Published by Future Academy

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СобытиеSocial and Cultural Transformations in the Context of Modern Globalism - Groznyi, Российская Федерация
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