Europe and its diversity: Dealing with Human Resources Management in Russia, Belorussia and Ukraine

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This chapter discusses the specifics of human resources management (HRM) in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia and highlights both the historical background and the current trends for the implementation of HRM practices. It explains specifics of HRM in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) context in general and in Belarus, Ukraine and Russia in particular, reflecting the main peculiarities of recruitment, training, development, performance management and motivation, allowing people to draw conclusions about HRM orientation and focus in CIS countries. The major 'providers' of these practices are European multinational corporations (MNCs), which, on the one hand, transfer knowledge to CIS countries and, on the other, meet context-related challenges including historical development, norms, traditions, cultures and behaviour. Surprisingly they have not been a very popular setting for management research, but are of high interest to European firms looking to do business in those countries. European MNCs act as a crucial channel through which indigenous businesses tend to adopt new practices.
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