Entrepreneurial Learning and Students’ Entrepreneurial Intentions: A Cross-Cultural Approach

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The present study explores the link between entrepreneurial learning and students’ entrepreneurial intentions, and examines the role of national cultural characteristics in this relationship. We contribute to the existing literature on entrepreneurial intentions by applying the concept of entrepreneurial learning and cross-cultural approach. The hypotheses of the study are tested empirically using a dataset of 84,812 students from 28 countries, collected as part of the Global University Entrepreneurial Spirit Students Survey (GUESSS) research project in 2013-2014. To measure the cultural characteristics of countries, we rely on measures of Hofstede’s cultural dimensions.Results reveal a positive relationship between entrepreneurial learning from university programs and students’ entrepreneurial intentions. In addition, the relationship was found to be moderated by the elements of national culture, being stronger in individualistic cultures and weaker in uncertainty avoidance cultures.
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СостояниеОпубликовано - 2015

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