Electronic-state-driven adsorption of O2 on a nanocrystalline TiO2 under ‘dark’ and UV-irradiation conditions: Ab initio study

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DFT study on O2 adsorption on a nanocrystalline titania is presented for the first time. The dioxide's nanoparticle is modeled via the nanocluster Ti8O16. According to the calculations, O2 physisorbs on the nanocluster Ti8O16 in S0 and T0 states and chemisorbs on the nanocluster in S1 state. The computed adsorption enthalpies, O2 vibrational frequencies, and O2 g-tensor agree well with available data. In contrast to the axial O2 orientation on a surface of titania with oxygen vacancies, in the chemisorption complex O2 is oriented laterally. We explain this by the sterical hindrance of the Ti3+ centers in the former case.

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ЖурналChemical Physics Letters
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