Electron multichannel scattering by narrows of quantum waveguides

L.M. Baskin, M.M. Kabardov, N.M. Sharkova

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© 2014 IEEE.Recent years show sharp increase of interest in the study of devices based on electron transport in nanowires. Such devices can be used as field effect transistors [1], resonant tunneling diodes [2], lasers [3], as well as qubits [4]. Quantum resonators in nanowires (quantum waveguides) can be created by application of an external potential to certain areas of the waveguide [2]. However, there is a much easier way to create quantum resonators: by forming two or more narrows in the waveguide [5, 6]. To analyze the effect of the narrows in the quantum waveguide on electron transport let us first briefly consider the distribution of electron wave of arbitrary energy in an undeformed waveguide.
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Название основной публикацииProceedings of the International Conference Days on Diffraction 2014, DD 2014
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