Electochemical characteristics of LiMn2O4/Li4Ti5O12 battery with conducting polymeric binder

S. N. Eliseeva, K. A. Vorob’eva, E. V. Shkreba, R. V. Apraksin, V. V. Kondrat’ev

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Lithium-ion battery based on LiMn2O4/Li4Ti5O12 materials was assembled for the first time. The cathode and anode of this battery are prepared with the aqueous combined binder poly-3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene: polystyrene sulfonate/carboxymethylcellulose (without polyvinylidene fluoride). The capacity of the LiMn2O4/Li4Ti5O12 battery was found to be 75 mA h g–1 at 0.1 C and 55 mA h g–1 at 1 C. A 95% capacity was retained after 100 charge-discharge cycles. The batteries demonstrated a high Coulombic efficiency close to 100%. Scanning electron microscopy demonstrated that using the conducting binder poly-3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene: polystyrene sulfonate/carboxymethylcellulose provides formation of dense compact layers of electrode materials with good adhesion to the substrate. The electrode structure remains maintained after 100 charge-discharge cycles.

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ЖурналRussian Journal of Applied Chemistry
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