Elections and russian citizens residing overseas: Prospects for internet voting

Grigory Olegovich Yarygin, Aleksandr Alekseevich Korostelev, Rafis H. Mukhutdinov, Andino Maseleno

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The article deals with the prospects of Internet voting introduction into electoral process of the Russian Federation. The authors consider utilization of remote electronic methods of voting (online voting) as an instrument to facilitate voting and elevate voter turnout. Russian eligible voters residing overseas due to their limited number and spatial dispersion have been defined as a potential target group for testing Internet voting mechanisms. Reviewing pros and cons factors the authors argue that Internet voting applied for Russian citizens residing overseas is technologically, economically, socially, environmentally and politically viable. The article reasons that remote electronic voting is a crucial component of modern election process.

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ЖурналInternational Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering
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