Elderly Women Between Ageing and Gender Discrimination

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Authors focused on the features of "prescribed" scenarios of women’ aging in modern Russia. The main goal of the article is to move forward in understanding the sociology of aging and opportunities for social inclusion of older women. The topic is located at the intersection between sociology of individual/personality, gender sociology, age psychology, social
anthropology, social work, etc. This is a paper that adopts current theoretical approach of Madrid International Plan of Active Ageing and next International Acts. In modern society older women are subjected to double stigmatization - both as women and as older persons. It is analyzed in which directions social expectations are changing, how the identity of women is being formed at the present time. Involving older women in more diverse living conditions requires critical rethinking of ageism rooted at the institutional level. In Russia, where not only the proportion of older women is increasing but also the difference
in the average life expectancy of women and men, the problems experienced by women at different stages of life cycle exacerbate their low social status in old age. Possibility to realize the late age productively, to continue professional employment or active public work, i.e. not to pass the border of "social old age", is mainly adopted by highly qualified women. But there are no reasons to believe that social regulations are softening and the situation of older women is improving noticeably. The experience of Russia, as our article shows, is that political and economic emancipation does not change
normative gender of women's issues neither in public consciousness, nor in family life.
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Название основной публикацииProceedings of the International Conference on Gender Research
Редакторы Ana Azevedo, Anabela Mesquita
Место публикацииPorto
ИздательPolytechnic of Porto
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ISBN (электронное издание)9781911218784
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СостояниеОпубликовано - 2018
Событие1st International Conference on Gender Research - Porto, Португалия
Продолжительность: 12 апр 201813 апр 2018


конференция1st International Conference on Gender Research
Сокращенный заголовокICGR 2018

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