DNA Integration with Silver and Gold Nanoparticles: Enhancement of DNA Optical Anisotropy

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DNA integration with silver and gold nanoparticles was carried out by the chemical reduction of silver and gold ions after the formation of their complexes with high molecular DNA in solution. It is shown that, for a good association of DNA with nanoparticles, the ions of silver and gold should be linked with DNA bases rather strongly. The proposed model of gold interaction with DNA is the coordination of gold to N7 guanine in a major groove followed by the transformation of the GC pair to Hoogsteen's type pairing, in which the gold atom is located between the bases and is bonded simultaneously to N7 guanine and N3 cytosine. For gold and silver nanoparticles associated with DNA, the peak of plasmon resonance shifts relative to that of free nanoparticles in solution. AFM (atomic force microscopy) images of both free and associated with DNA nanoparticles were obtained. Binding of high molecular DNA to gold and silver nanoparticles leads to a decrease in the size of its molecular coil in solution, but the bending rigidity of DNA helix (persistent length) does not change. The almost 3-fold increase in the optical anisotropy of DNA was observed when DNA was associated with gold nanoparticles. This result was obtained with the flow birefringence method using a light source with a wavelength of 550 nm, which is close to the peak of the plasmon resonance of gold nanoparticles. For DNA associated with silver nanoparticles, a similar result was obtained when using a light source with a wavelength of about 410 nm. ©

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