Diversity at low abundance: phenomen of the rare bacterial biosphere

M.Yu. Skopina, A.A. Vasileva, E.V. Pershina, A.V. Pinevich

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Abstract—Rare bacterial biosphere (RBB) is a large and probably predominant sector of bacterial diversity, which is specifically represented by small populations. Although some RBB components have been characterized phenotypically (actualistic objects), it has been mainly described as a set of virtual objects, i.e., of the 16S rRNA gene sequences from environmental DNA samples, which are grouped into phylotypes (operational taxonomic units, OTUs). The upper OTU threshold for RBB is presently not standardized. It is usually ~1% of the sum of OTU sequences in the metagenome library, or five sequences per OTU in absolute values. The analyzed RBB objects include (1) virtual and actualistic objects; (2) autochthonous and allochthonous forms; (3) vegetative and differentiated cells; (4) dead bacteria and free DNA; and (5) artifacts and informational gaps. The RBB phenomenon has not been sufficiently explained. According to some concepts, the RBB objects are rare due to restrictive action of unfavorable environmenta
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