Ditransitive constructions in selected Niger-Сongo languages in a typological perspective

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This paper analyzes three-valency (ditransitive) constructions in some Niger-Congo (NC)
languages. Special attention will be given to Bantu (Swahili, Kinyarwanda) and Adamawa
(Maya, Nyong, Waka) languages on the basis of the field work data. I will discuss some
theoretical issues relevant to the subject. NC languages vary greatly in both formal means
to express ditransitive constructions (lacking overt case marking) and structural types of
expressing Recipient and Theme. Substantial distinctions in 3-valency verb constructions in
both groups of related NC languages can be observed as well as the fact that surface
morphosyntactic structures are influenced not only by role hierarchy, but also by animacy
(deictic) hierarchy. Finally, the paper offers an attempt of putting the afore-mentioned
Niger-Congo languages into a multidimensional typological matrix for 3-valency
(ditransitive) constructions.
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Название основной публикацииDitransitive Constructions in a Cross-Linguistic Perspective
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ИздательDr. Ludwig Reichert Verlag
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  • Niger-Congo languages, Bantu, Adamawa, ditransitive constructions, animacy (deictic) hierarchy