Distance scale calibration from kinematic analysis of an ensemble of the galactic planetary nebulae

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We study the kinematics of ensembles of planetary nebulae (PNe) of the Galactic disk using the PN distance catalogues by Acker (1978), Cahn et al. (1992), and Phillips (2004). Formal values for the Galactic center distance, $R_0$, derived from kinematic analysis of the PNe with distance scales accepted in the catalogues were found to be low, from 5 to 7 kpc. To correct these underestimated distance scales we renormalized the PN distances using the ratios of formal $R_0$ values to a best modern value of $R_0 =7.9$ kpc deduced from many original estimates. A new catalogue of distances for the Galactic disk's PNe was created by averaging the kinematically corrected distances to PNe obtained for the catalogues mentioned above. New distances for Peimbert's types I and II PNe are in a good agreement with distances by Stanghellini et al.\ (2008). Our new catalog of PNe distances was used to recalibrate statistical distance scales for all types of PNe.
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