Digitalization of the EU cultural diplomacy in the context of long waves and the Covid-19 crisis

Natalia Kovalevskaia, Iuliia Fedoritenko, Roman Troian

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The objective of the article is to examine the process of digitalization of the EU cultural diplomacy enhanced by the pandemic of COVID-19, considering the factors of the long-term cycles called long waves. The theory of long waves is represented by various concepts, the first one was the Kondratiev model. On their basis, indicators of the onset of a new wave were identified: 1) Innovation implementation; 2) Economic challenges; 3) Social transformation; 4) Sustainability. From the point of defining the correct terminology, the terms ‘digitalization’ and ‘digitization’ are presented. The statistics data presents the current implications of the COVID-19 pandemic for the cultural sectors and influencing the acceleration of digitalization, which indicates the relevance of this study. The final part offers the main features of the development of the EU cultural diplomacy, considering the mentioned indicators of a long new wave. Future research could be based on the discovered consequences of accelerating digitalization of cultural diplomacy.
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