Digital behaviour and personality traits of Generation Z in a global digitalization environment

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The article deals with the features of digital behaviour of representatives of Generation Z on the example of first-year students of St. Petersburg universi-ties on such parameters as understanding responsibility, attitude to individu-alism and collectivity, instrumental rationality and communication skills. Based on the results of the research conducted in 2019 and the analysis of the focus group of Generation Y representatives, the behavioural image of Generation Z has been compiled, intergenerational analogies have been made, communication characteristics and behavioural models of Generation Z have been revealed. The methodic for this study consists of the following steps. Firstly, this is a focus group to study in detail the ideas of generation Y about next-generation Z and the features of the interaction of Z and the In-ternet environment. Secondly, this is a survey of 300 students of the univer-sities in St. Petersburg, who are representatives of generation Z. Thirdly, this is a comparison of the results of two empirical studies to identify the value characteristics of generation Z and their manifestations in the Internet envi-ronment. To characterize received results we applied for works in the sphere of generation analysis acknowledged from all over the world.
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Название основной публикацииDigital behaviour and personality traits of Generation Z in a global digitalization environment
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СобытиеCommunicative Strategies of Information Societies (CSIS-2020) - Санкт-Петербургский Государственный политехнический университет, St Petersburg, Российская Федерация
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конференцияCommunicative Strategies of Information Societies (CSIS-2020)
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