“Digital Assistants” in the Consumer Society: Global Trends and Vectors of Russia’s Development

Sergey A. Pankratov, Liliia S. Pankratova, Sergey I. Morozov, Sergey D. Gavrilov

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The purpose of this paper is to analyze the dominating directions and spheres of applications of AI and robotics in everyday practices of the modern Russian society. Emphasis is made on the demand for these innovative systems in various segments of the existing “consumer society” at the national and global levels. The results of theoretical and empirical studies, which determine real and potential risks and threats that emerge in the process of the Russian society’s digitalization, are interpreted. The authors study subject-object and service characteristics of “new actors” – “digital assistants” – in satisfaction of the needs of various groups of population and substantiate the main consumer trends with representatives of various generation groups and their readiness and ability – at the individual and group levels – for the positive life activities in the conditions of a new digital culture formation. The specifics of implementation of the Fourth industrial revolution – Industry 4.0 – in the Russian Federation are determined. Its essence consists in implementation of technical and technological (cybernetic) systems that provide human with the highest living standards and consumer comfort. The authors use theoretical conclusions of the researchers who specialize in the sphere of philosophy of technology and the theory of intellectual systems, the concept of institutionalization, factors of structural transformations of the modern consumer society, and provision of national and global security.

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ИздательSpringer Nature
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