Degeneration of electromagnetic creeping waves in a vicinity of critical values of anisotropic impedance

I. V. Andronov, D. P. Bouche

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Electromagnetic creeping waves on a 3-dimensional surface with an anisotropic impedance boundary condition are considered. The influence of the impedance is examined. The standard asymptotic formula for the creeping waves contains the factor 1/(τ - q2) where τ is the attenuation parameter and q is the Fock parameter which depends on the impedance matrix. Analysis of the equation for the attenuation parameter which describes its dependence on q shows that there exist such critical values of q when the factor 1/(τ - q2) diverges and the usual asymptotic formula gives infinite result. The equation for the critical values of the parameter q is derived and the 4 first critical values are found numerically. The new local asymptotics valid in domain of the size κ-2/9 (where κ is the wave number) is derived in the supposition that the divergence takes place on a curve crossed by creeping waves. This new asymptotic decomposition is carried out by powers of the small parameter κ-1/9. The effect of creeping wave passing through the line where the usual asymptotics diverges is examined.

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ЖурналIEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation
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