Database of global glendonite and ikaite records throughout the Phanerozoic

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This database of Phanerozoic occurrences and isotopic characteristics of metastable cold-water calcium carbonate hexahydrate (ikaite; CaCO3*6H2O) and their associated carbonate pseudomorphs (glendonites) has been compiled from academic publications, explanatory notes, and reports. Our database including more than 700 occurrences reveals that glendonites characterize cold-water environments, although their distribution is highly irregular in space and time. A significant body of evidence suggests that glendonite occurrences are restricted mainly to cold-water settings; however they do not occur during every glaciation or cooling event of the Phanerozoic. While Quaternary glendonites and ikaites have been described from all major ocean basins, older occurrences have a patchy distribution, which may suggest poor preservation potential of both carbonate
concretions and older sediments. The data file described in this paper is available on Zenodo at
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