Culture as the Basis for Shaping a Positive Image of Russia: Potential, Problems, and Solutions

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The purpose of this paper is to determine the role of culture in the process of shaping a favorable foreign-policy image of Russia in the world. In the context of the modern theories of J. Nye, S. Anholt, P. Bourdieu, E. Galumov, emphasizing the image role of culture in international relations, the authors analyze the potential of Russian culture as a tool of foreign cultural policy and “soft power” of the Russian Federation. The discrepancy between the cultural potential of the country and low image indicators has been revealed on the basis of data from international ratings of “soft power”. The role of the dominant tools of the foreign cultural policy of Russia is being studied. These are represented by: multinational Russian culture and Russian language, cross years of cultures, sports and other various mega-events, the international activities of the Hermitage. The conclusion about the insufficiency of data, bringing only a temporary effect, about the methods and approaches for shaping a stable positive image of Russia in the world has been made. Realization of the high potential of Russian culture, science, sports requires the development of a well-thought image policy and strategy, especially after the “Ukrainian crisis” of 2014. As recommendations, the authors propose to take into account the successful experience of foreign image campaigns, to focus on large-scale projects, mega-events that cover a wide audience and provide a quick positive image effect.
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