Cretaceous Bryozoa from central Colombia: preliminary results of the “Hidrosogamoso” expedition.

A.N. Ostrovsky, J. Luque, E.A. Cadena, Consuegra N. Perez, J. Souto-Derungs, P.D. Taylor, C. Jaramillo

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Cretaceous bryozoans from the Valanginian (Rosablanca Fm), Aptian–Albian (Tablazo Fm) and Maastrichtian (Umir and Lisama formations) of central Colombia are briefly described. Preservation is mostly poor but basic identification of the material is possible. Both of the Valanginian species belong to the order Cyclostomata, whereas the Aptian–Albian specimens are all malacostegan cheilostomes (possibly just one species). The Maastrichtian material consists of neocheilostomes belonging to the genera Pyriporella, Ubaghsia and Onychocella (3–4 species in total). Analysis of the literature on Colombian geology shows that whereas bryozoans from all of the above mentioned ages have been previously reported, this is the first time that bryozoans have been found in the Tablazo, Umir and Lisama formations. Although preliminary, the results of the “Hydrosogamoso” Expedition underline the potential for further studies on fossil bryozoans in Colombia.
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Название основной публикацииEstudios geológicos y paleontológicos sobre el Cretácico en la región del embalse del río Sogamoso, Valle Medio del Magdalena
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