Conflict Between Self-Esteem And Aspirations Related To Psychological Wellbeing Of Adolescents

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Concerns around the psychological wellbeing of young people, and the factors affecting it are relevant to modern science. Among the factors with psychological wellbeing, researchers call intrapersonal conflicts. A relatively small number of studies are devoted to the study of conflicts between self-esteem and aspirations, and their role in regulating the psychological wellbeing of young people is not fully established. Research goals: to study the correlation between the conflicts of self-esteem and aspirations, as well as their relationship to the psychological wellbeing of adolescents. Methods: «Scale of psychological wellbeing» К. Ryff as adapted by L.V. Zhukovskaya, E.G. Troshikhina, «Satisfaction with Life Scale" E.D. Diener, «Dembo-Rubinstein Scale of self-esteem and level of aspirations», version by А.М. Prikhozhan. The sample 237 pupils aged 15-18 years. The conflict between self-esteem and aspirations is revealed in 52% respondents. The primary conflict concerns the imbalance between a high level of aspirations and a moderate level of self-esteem of different facets of one's personality. The significance of the difference between self-esteem and the level of aspirations is related to psychological wellbeing and life satisfaction, even in respondents who do not reach this level of conflict. When there is an explicit conflict, the number of negative relationships increases, which is an indicator of the negative impact of self-esteem conflict on all parameters of psychological wellbeing. The specific character of changes in psychological wellbeing associated with gender and intensity of conflicts is revealed. The most significant conflicts are in the sphere of self-confidence, appearance, and authority among peers.
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СобытиеPsychology of Personality: Real and Virtual Context - , Российская Федерация
Продолжительность: 16 апр 202018 апр 2020

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НазваниеEuropean Proceedings of Social and Behavioural Sciences
ISSN (электронное издание)2357-1330


конференцияPsychology of Personality: Real and Virtual Context
Сокращенный заголовокPSYRGGU 2020
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