Communicative Aggression in the Russian Media Sphere: Background and Manifestations

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Background/Objectives: The relevance of the study is due to the increase in frequency of manifestations of socially dangerous aggression in the public media discourse. Analysis of the genesis and dynamics of communication aggression is an important task for humanities and social practice. In this regard, the article aims to reveal both manifestations of communicative aggression in the Russian media sphere, and the creation of the methodology for the analysis of a new social phenomenon. Method: The essence of the problem determined the actual reliance on the methodology of value analysis of the media, allowing considering the genesis and the dynamics of communicative aggression in full. The object of the study is the Russian media sphere during public discussions (2014–15) on the issue of the Crimea reunification with Russia. Content analysis (target sample out of 11 publications) has been used on a quantitative level. A trigger-analysis has been applied on the qualitative level. Findings: In the article the f
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