Combined strained fixation of the long bones

Leonid Nikolaevich Solomin

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Combined strained fixation (CSF) is a variant of combined external fixation (CEF) (Figs. 20.1, 20.2, 20.3, 20.4, 20.5, 20.6, 20.7, 20.8, 20.9, 20.10, 20.11, 20.12, 20.13, 20.14, 20.15, 20.16, 20.17, 20.18, 20.19, 20.20, 20.21, 20.22, 20.23, 20.24, 20.25, 20.26, 20.27, 20.28, 20.29, 20.30, 20.31, 20.32, and 20.33). In CSF, the fragments of the long bones are fixed intraosseously by inserted thin fasteners (wire or wires), one end of which is fixed to one of the fragments externally and extra-articularly, while the other, under a controlled force, is tensioned in the transosseous module mounted on another bone fragment. Each compression wire during its insertion and exit from the medullary cavity perforates one compact layer at a site where the soft tissue volume is less and there are no major neurovascular formations (Fig. 20.1).

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