Combined Electromagnetic Suspensions with Reduced Energy Consumption for Levitation Vehicles

E.N. Andreev, D.N. Arslanova, E.V. Akhmetzyanova, A.M. Bazarov, V.N. Vasil’ev, O. S. Vasil’eva, M.S. Verkhoturov, E.I. Gapionok, A.A. Demina, S.V. Zavadskii, M.Yu. Zenkevich, M.V. Kaparkova, V.D. Kuz’menkov, A.N. Labusov, M.S. Larionov, M.V. Manzuk, A.V. Mizintsev, A.N. Nezhentsev, D.A. Ovsyannikov, A.D. OvsyannikovM.V. Khokhlov

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At present, the development of magnetic levitation transportation is conducted based on electromagnetic and electrodynamic suspensions the technical and commercial implementation of which has been successfully demonstrated in Korea, China, Japan, and other countries. Sources of an electromagnetic field in suspensions can be normally conducting electromagnets, superconducting magnets and high-coercive permanent magnets. The progress made in the development of new magnetic materials (permanent magnets and high-temperature superconductors) opens up prospects for reducing the energy consumption of levitation transport systems. The authors proposed magnets of all three types, which together ensure the functioning of combined electromagnetic suspension, and created scale models of such magnets. The permanent levitation of suspension models with a load is provided. The correctness of technical solutions is confirmed, software created in the Russian Federation allows one to reliably-scale magnetic systems of suspensions. Thus, all the prerequisites have been completed for the next stage of creating full-scale prototypes of effective levitation systems, in particular, a 50-ton cargo platform.

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Страницы (с-по)1060-1065
Число страниц6
ЖурналTechnical Physics
Номер выпуска7
СостояниеОпубликовано - 1 июл 2019

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    Andreev, E. N., Arslanova, D. N., Akhmetzyanova, E. V., Bazarov, A. M., Vasil’ev, V. N., Vasil’eva, O. S., Verkhoturov, M. S., Gapionok, E. I., Demina, A. A., Zavadskii, S. V., Zenkevich, M. Y., Kaparkova, M. V., Kuz’menkov, V. D., Labusov, A. N., Larionov, M. S., Manzuk, M. V., Mizintsev, A. V., Nezhentsev, A. N., Ovsyannikov, D. A., ... Khokhlov, M. V. (2019). Combined Electromagnetic Suspensions with Reduced Energy Consumption for Levitation Vehicles. Technical Physics, 64(7), 1060-1065.