Color Contrasting of Radiographs

A. I. Mazurov, I. G. Kamyshanskaya, A. K. Denisov

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The paper proposes a method for the formation of color scales in the RGB color cube of a display that ensures the psychological accuracy of the colored radiograph with the original image. The quantum hypothesis of color vision was used to create the proposed scales. According to this hypothesis the color is determined by the number of photons effectively absorbed in the retina during the summation time of sensation, their total energy and the dispersion of this energy. A functional flow block diagram of the color contrasting algorithm is considered. Radiologists conducted a comparative analysis of several dozen black and white radiographs with colored ones according to the developed method. The analysis revealed additional diagnostic information in the colored radiographs, which is hidden in the original images.
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ЖурналAIP Conference Proceedings
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СостояниеОпубликовано - 2019

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