Clustering as a criterion for the success of modern industrial enterprises

Elvir M. Akhmetshin, Eugeny P. Kolpak, Elena A. Sulimova, Vasiliy S. Kireev, Evgenia A. Samarina, Nataliya Z. Solodilova

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The paper reveals the problems of the use of clusters as an important factor of innovative development of Russian enterprises and territorial entities delineated a theoretical basis for the existence of territorial formations, showing their relationship with the clusters displayed in the cluster's functioning as an open system. All the more important in the formation of innovation territorial entities in Russia acquire the cluster structure based on cooperation of enterprises, financial institutions, educational institutions etc. In the developed countries have long had and continue to have such structures in various industries. In the works of famous foreign scientists clearly defined theoretical bases of formation and functioning of clusters, use cluster models to ensure the competitiveness of the economy, their advantages and disadvantages. Foreign experience can be useful to develop a national strategy for clustering of Russia, with a comprehensive study of its socioeconomic development. These tasks at this stage be a priority for Central and local public authorities. Issues related to the principles of clusters, innovation economy, have been studied by many scientists, both Russian and foreign. In published works, the essence of cluster analysis, given the definition of "cluster" classification of clusters, the role of innovative development of economy, experience of the use of cluster models, etc.

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ЖурналInternational Journal of Applied Business and Economic Research
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