Climatic Stratigraphy of the Kazantsevo Horizon (as an Analogue of MIS-5) in the Boreal Zone of Western Siberia

Stanislav Laukhin, Vladislav Kuznetsov, Fedor Maksimov, Galina Shilova, Aleksey Firsov

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Terrestrial deposits in western Siberia, the ages of which correspond to the interval of MIS-5, have been well studied using palaeobotanical methods. However, because of the small number of isotope data, there is no possibility for identifying the palaeoclimatic events relevant to the substages within MIS-5. Therefore, the large numbers of palaeobotanical results have been underused for the purposes of climatic stratigraphy. 230Th–U dates produced during the past two decades have allowed the changes in vegetation during the first half of the Late Pleistocene to be determined. This has enabled a comparison with palaeoclimatic events reflected in the Greenland ice core, and the identification in western Siberia of the analogues of substages MIS-5a, 5b, 5c, 5d, and 5e as well as events 5e1, 5e2, 5e3, 5e4, and 5e5 within MIS-5e.

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