Characterization of humic acids from antarctic soils by nuclear magnetic resonance

S.N. Chukov, E.V. Abakumov, V.M. Tomashunas

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The elemental composition and structural features of humic acids (HAs) from Antarctic soils (King George Island, Larsemann Hills, Lindsay Island) have been studied. It has been found that their elemental composition and molecular structure are intermediate between those of the HAs and fulvic acids (FAs) of Eurasian soils (from the average values). The degree of hydrophilicity of the studied HAs is comparable to that of FAs. The low content of aromatic moieties in the HAs is related to the absence or very low proportions of phenyl propane fragments in the sources of humus formation. It has been shown that the HAs from Antarctic soils compose a separate group of humic acids whose specific features are related to hard climatic conditions and specific features of humus formation sources
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ЖурналEurasian Soil Science
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