Chance of Civic Education in Russia

Andrew Tolstenko, Leonid Baltovskij, Ivan Radikov

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This article shows how education, which is the most important form of activity in the social medium, changes the cultural image and awareness of individuals, and shapes and transforms their political attitude toward the surrounding day-to-day realities. A comparison analysis is used to explore a civic education system that forms the national and state identity of a person as a derivative of an “imagined community.” This phenomenon will be regarded here as the result of designing social and political values and their internalization in the public consciousness. This approach makes it possible to optimize the process of education for the public sphere which is destined to form an active citizen, to create a sustainable link between an individual and the social medium and is the most important tool of political communication.
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ЖурналSAGE Open
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СостояниеОпубликовано - 2019


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