Calculation aspects of diffusion coefficients in micellar solutions of ionic surfactants

T. G. Movchan, A. I. Rusanov, E. V. Plotnikova

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A method has been analyzed for calculating diffusion coefficients of 1 : 1 ionic surfactants as functions of their micellar solution concentrations within the framework of the quasi-chemical variant of the law of mass action. Relations have been presented for two- (with no allowance for micelles) and three-particle interaction (with allowance for micelles) formalisms. The methods for the introduction of initial calculation parameters and the calculation scheme for an ideal mixture of monomeric ions and micelles, as well as the correction for a deviation from ideality and a change in solution viscosity, have been considered. Numerical assessments have been performed by the examples of aqueous sodium dodecyl sulfate and alkyltrimethylammonium bromide solutions.

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ЖурналColloid Journal
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