BRICS in a world of regions

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his article is devoted to the analysis of the role of BRICS in forming the world order of regions. Several researchers have observed that the liberal world order is in crisis, and they describe the emerging new world order as a ‘regiopolar world order’. Today BRICS has become an alliance of co-thinkers who are trying to reform the current liberal world order. However, in terms of the classical theory of international relations, BRICS is regarded as a hopeless and unpromising structure. It has been actively criticized by Western experts as an ineffective, informal platform which has not been able to make any changes in the world order. The idea of a non-Western world order based on pluralism and polycentricism could be realized based on the concept of the ‘regional world’. BRICS as a case of multiple and diverse but cross-cutting cooperation could become a ‘bridge’ between the global and regional worlds: each BRICS member is also the leading economy in its region and can actively develop regional integration. Hence this paper suggests that BRICS could become the basis for a new world order – a polycentric world order in which different types and forms of regions are the key elements.
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