Brand Performance: Towards a Clear Set of Metrics

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In modern management a brand is considered not only a mediator of relationships between a company and its customers, but also a factor of building relationships with all stakeholders and, therefore, an important source of relational rents. Underdeveloped theoretical background of this problem is reflected in brand management practices. Taking into consideration the need for a clear method to evaluate the effectiveness of various branding activities in complex, we state the problem of developing a clear set of metrics needed to evaluate brand performance as this should be the first step towards the model development. The major issues discussed in this paper cover methodological approaches and techniques of brand performance evaluation, metrics classification design and preliminary verification of the metrics set using exploratory factor analysis.
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Название основной публикацииConference Proceedings of the Academy of Marketing 2012 Conference “Marketing: Catching the Technology Wave”, Southampton, UK, July 2-5, 2012
ИздательSpringer Nature
Страницы 1-8
ISBN (печатное издание)9780854329472
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